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Loose Green Tea Punch

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loose green tea punch

Tea drinking has always been an art especially in the Far East with ever popular loose green tea being part of a timeless ritual. But whoever said that tea can only be enjoyed one way, meaning just steeping and then drinking?

One thing I really enjoy is drinking my favorite cocktail with a cup of loose green tea. Now I’ve got your attention now, don’t I? That’s right, you read it right the first time, tea in my cocktails! The perfect blend of tea drink – a dose of caffeine, a shot of anti-oxidant, a drop of rum or gin, sugar and spice and everything nice.

Make Your Own Loose Green Tea Punch

The widely used recipe for this mixed drink is to just simply add tea to your favorite cocktail drink. Let’s say you have the ingredients of your favorite punch just lying around, measure the correct amount, make your punch and then add your cup of loose green tea, or a cup of blooming tea is fine, together with the fruit juice or whatever juice you happen to use, and viola! Tea Punch!

Now, you have a more festive punch with lots of health benefits. The moderate amount of alcohol loosens you up a little, the caffeine gives you a little kick and the green tea balances all else by providing your body with precious anti-oxidants. Serve chilled and everyone gets to have a wonderful time.

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