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What Is The Fuss Over Jasmine Green Tea?

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Organic jasmine green teaOf the many different kinds of healthy tea that are available, jasmine green tea is perhaps the best known. It is not a new arrival and in fact it first arrived in China some 800 years ago.

The jasmine adds a sweet fragrance and flavor to the tea, which is one reason for its popularity. Jasmine tea is sometimes used as a flowering tea. The flower is wrapped in green tea leaves and then dried and stored as a ball until used. When the Read the rest of this entry »


Jasmine Green Tea the Youthful Japanese Way

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The Japanese are big tea drinkers and tea is an important part of the culture there specially jasmine green tea.

When in Japan as somebody’s guest you will almost certainly find that you will be given a cup of tea as Organic jasmine green teasoon as you are welcomed into the host’s home.

Such is the Japanese love of tea that they enjoy many different types, from the subtly flavoured jasmine green teas to the more robust black teas that the British are known Read the rest of this entry »


Keep Jasmine Green Tea Warm With A Cosy

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green tea cosyMaking your own tea cosy is very easy and having a cosy really does help a lot in keep that pot of jasmine green tea (or any other tea for that matter), hot for much longer.


How To Make Iced Jasmine Green Tea

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iced jasmine green tea makerNot every one is privileged to live in an area where it is cool the year round. When the weather starts to get warm, it’s time for that iced jasmine green tea or any loose green tea flavor. Some people just love iced tea and, for variety, they experiment with different flavors, while others may stick to their preferred flavor.

Brewing Jasmine Green Tea

There are those who like to drink cold tea by brewing it under the heat of the sun during summer and then adding ice after. Read the rest of this entry »


Jasmine Green Tea – A Gift From God

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jasmine greent tea leavesFor those who have the faith, of course everything we have is a gift from God and that includes the increasingly popular blooming tea. But what I want to talk about here is the fragrant Jasmine flower, turned into a flowering tea or jasmine green tea. It is not everyday that you get to drink tea that’s a “gift from God” which is what Jasmine or Yasmin means in Arabic.

Jasmine Green Tea With Flowering Tea

There are all sorts of flavors and flowers incorporated in tea mixes and Jasmine is just one of them.  Jasmine green tea though is really known for its lively, relaxing scent which may be one of the reasons why France grows this flower specifically for perfumery. Read the rest of this entry »

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