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Blooming Tea - Blooming tea and flowering tea for a fabulous tea experience Blooming Tea

Blooming Tea

Blooming tea and flowering tea for a fabulous tea experience

Common Mistakes When Making Flowering Tea

So, you have your flowering tea balls and you can’t wait to show it off to your friends. If it is the first time you have used flowering tea you may be unsure about the right way to make the blossom perfect. The good news is that it is very similar to making a normal cup of tea so there is very little to worry about. Although it is quite straightforward to use however, a flowering (also known as blooming tea) tea ball can offer something a bit special, so it is best to do all you can to make sure you take full advantage of all it has to offer. read on… »


Not Just Blooming Tea But Liquid Jade

The history of tea, not just blooming tea, but all tea is incredibly interesting.  Since tea originated from China and India, there is a mystique that is so inherent in the Orient, and that mystique is apparent in any worthwhile history of tea.  But what I didn’t realize until recently is that the beverage was so revered by so many from different walks of life.

More Than Just a Blooming Tea

It was only when I started to read ‘Liquid Jade’ by Beatrice Hohenegger that I understood how influential tea has been in bygone ages.  This book is an easy read and totally fascinating.  It’s well written and vibrant and moves from the original myths about the beginnings of tea, read on… »


Delicious Flowering Tea Recipe

Nothing can be more satisfying on a hot sizzling day than a cool glass of flowering tea. When visitors and friends come calling and you conveniently have some left-over blooming tea, why not amaze them with a tall cold glass of tea with your own little twist, made under the heat of the sun?

While regular brewed tea is nice, why not impress everyone with sun tea that is simple to make yet with a luscious, fresh new flavor they may have never tried before. read on… »


Blooming Tea With A Taste Of Ginger

Blooming Tea JasmineThere is much beauty to behold when you brew blooming tea, not to mention all those great benefits you have drinking it. But what happens when you’re done drinking and there’s some tea left in the pot?

Reheating the leftover pot of flowering tea is not advisable because it can turn bitter.  Instead, why not add some ice and make yourself a nice glass of iced tea – sounds delicious right? How about adding some ginger for more zest and flavor. Yes, ginger iced tea not only has a great flavor, it has some added benefits too. read on… »


Blooming Tea Review – Hear It Direct From The Taster!

Review: Teavana Strawberry Misaki Blooming TeaStrawberry blooming tea

Both Teavana and blooming tea tend to be a bit on the high side on the price scale, so I assumed these would be rather pricey. At first glance they seem to be, yet the website says you get 8-10 blooms for the two-ounce cost, so they’re rather set in the realm of reasonable if the taste holds up.

read on… »


Blooming Tea Gifts Give Christmas Wow Factor

People of all walks of life enjoy tea on occasion, including blooming tea connoisseurs. Though tea is mainly associated with countries like Great Britain, a lot of people all over the globe drink it, including people you know.

Some tea drinkers enjoy drinking the same thing every day, but others like to try something new occasionally. And that provides a great opportunity for you.  Giving a tea-related gift for Christmas can provide the recipient with something new to try. Blooming tea provides you with an unusual option to please any of the tea drinkers on your list.

Blooming Tea or Flowering Tea

The flowering tea variety (also known as blooming tea) comes in a lot of different types so you can find one for each recipient. This tea is very unique because the leaves are bound together, by hand, in a small flower bulb shape. As you brew the tea in hot water, the leaves slowly open up so they look like a flower or reveal a flower in the middle. Imagine the surprise of the recipient when they see a beautiful flower floating in their teapot!

Flowering Tea Set

numic blooming tea setIf the tea drinker on your list has never experienced flowering tea, they are unlikely to have anything suitable to make it in. A normal teapot that you can’t see through is definitely not suitable for the brewing of flowering tea.

So, this makes a new tea set specifically for this variety of tea a great gift idea, especially for Christmas. A clear teapot will allow them to view the blossom as it unfurls before they enjoy drinking the tea.

One great option is the Numi Organic Flowering Tea Set. It comes in a mahogany case, along with six tea balls in a variety of colors and flavors and a glass teapot to allow the recipient to watch the tea balls bloom.

Flavors and Colors

blooming tea celebration teaBlooming tea comes in a variety of flavors and colors to match all taste preferences. Most tea leaves are brown or green in color, but the tea balls contain a small flower in the middle to add color. For instance, the Red Flower Celebration tea contains a small red flower amidst the green tea leaves, which gives a Christmas feel and is totally appropriate as a Christmas gift.

If your recipient enjoys a specific scent, you can find plenty of different scents too. Imagine getting a gift that tastes, looks and smells good!

If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift to give a big ‘wow’ factor you can’t go past a tea that blooms infront of your eyes.  It is a really unusual gift that is sure to surprise and impress. Even if you don’t know what kind of tea the recipient prefers, you can’t go wrong with a blossoming tea that offers a new tea experience to most tea drinkers.


Blooming Tea For Christmas

Christmas is nearly here and it is time to start thinking about gifts.  If you are looking for something different then you can’t go wrong with blooming tea or any gifts relating to tea.

Did you know that tea is the most consumed beverage in the world? After water that is.  So that means you are very likely to know tea drinkers, which in turn means you have some wonderful gift options.

Teavana has a selection of tea gifts that are second to none, including their new Zen Tea collection of blooming teas.  I have to say the website is a delight and absolutely chocka with stock.

Blooming Tea Gift

The tea gift range is varied and goes from tea tins (the best way to store tea) to delicious flowering tea balls, to cast iron teapots, or the glass teapots which are ideal for blooming tea.  And there are all the tea varieties including diet tea, acai tea, rooibos tea (a favorite of mine), tea makers, tea for connoisseurs and tea for those who just want a plain cup of tea!  They even have German rock sugar! Or if you don’t want to decide for someone else, Teavana also offer gift vouchers.

There is literally something for everyone and it’s worth a look.  Just click on the banner on the right to get to Teavana’s gift store.

Take advantage of free shipping in the US for orders over $50.

By the way, you can save a heap of time by going straight to the “shop by price” category.

I would love to know what your favorite item is, so please do share your comments with us all.


Afternoon Tea Is Back (Although Not With Blooming Tea Yet!)

Unbelievably, there’s been a global resurgence of afternoon teas with young girls just as likely to indulge as older women.  While blooming tea may not be on the menu just yet, it surely is only a matter of time before every tea party will be oohing and aahing over the gorgeous blooming tea balls as they unfurl.


Celebrities like Lily Allen, Kate Moss and Sienna Millar have taken to afternoon teas in a big way.  And for many younger girls, afternoon tea offers a safer and cheaper way to meet up with friends.  I’m sure afternoon tea would get the thumbs up from parents as a suitable place for their read on… »


Loose Green Tea – The Most Common Mistake in Making a Cuppa Is ….

primula loose green teaGreen tea or loose green tea, you have probably already heard a great deal about it  and how it is a healthy option for you. In fact, its popularity has increased so much that it has become a regular household item.  Its well publicized benefits might encourage you to rush out and buy some for yourself, but you will need to know that making loose green tea is not quite the same as making a cuppa with the more commonly used black tea. read on… »


Fabulous Flowering Tea Sets Specially For Tea Balls

If you have used flowering tea in before you will see straight away that it is not like the normal tea you would normally have encountered.

Usually, tea comes in bags that are left to brew in a mug of hot water. It can also be purchased loose and left to brew in a teapot until it is ready to pour.

When it comes to tea it is a refreshing beverage and nothing more, despite the read on… »


What Is The Fuss Over Jasmine Green Tea?

Organic jasmine green teaOf the many different kinds of healthy tea that are available, jasmine green tea is perhaps the best known. It is not a new arrival and in fact it first arrived in China some 800 years ago.

The jasmine adds a sweet fragrance and flavor to the tea, which is one reason for its popularity. Jasmine tea is sometimes used as a flowering tea. The flower is wrapped in green tea leaves and then dried and stored as a ball until used. When the read on… »


How to Avoid Having Loose Green Tea Taste of Grass!

Loose Leaf Green TeaI’m not going to lie to you – a lot of people say they don’t enjoy the flavour of loose green tea.  Some say it tastes too much as though you are chewing on grass whereas others will say it tastes of almost nothing at all. Of course, loose green tea does have its fans but it is an acquired taste that many simply just do not wish to pursue.

Regardless of what you may or may not think about the taste of green tea or read on… »


Flowers Tea Is Not a New Invention – Try Your Own Flavors

flowers tea gift setIt has only been relatively recently that flowers tea has been made available in the shops and some people may think that it has only been recently that we first started using it. Let’s not forget though that drinking tea is an ancient practice and one that has had many more variations than some brown leaves in a bag.

Tea is found naturally in China and India. China in particular has been experimenting read on… »


Jasmine Green Tea the Youthful Japanese Way

The Japanese are big tea drinkers and tea is an important part of the culture there specially jasmine green tea.

When in Japan as somebody’s guest you will almost certainly find that you will be given a cup of tea as Organic jasmine green teasoon as you are welcomed into the host’s home.

Such is the Japanese love of tea that they enjoy many different types, from the subtly flavoured jasmine green teas to the more robust black teas that the British are known read on… »

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